How Budget 2015 affects employees

UntitledAfter my general overview of Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene’s Budget Speech 2015, I did this piece for business owners about the particular ways their employees will be affected by the changes, such as the increase in various levies and income tax.

Read the full piece on Biz4Afrika here.


2014’s top quotes

Wikimedia Commons/HedmanThere were some gems of quotations from people at the top of the media’s list, and I take a look at the 10 best from 2014 (in my opinion) on Now!

Unfortunately the article is no longer available online.

{Image credit: Hedman (My camera) [CC0],via Wikimedia Commons}

Is Woolworths a victim of SM?

Wikimedia Commons/Jeff Attaway

A Woolworths Food store in Johannesburg, South Africa

Woolworths has been struggling with activists lately, who are hitting them from every end: they are in trouble over their organic labelling; in trouble with activists supporting Palestine and calling for a boycott because of the retailer’s relationship with Israeli suppliers; and even dealing with everyday issues, such as frogs in salads and worms in burgers.

But is it – and other major companies – just a victim of the digital era? I considered the question in a piece for Now! which is unfortunately no longer available online. It was one of my favourites! 😦

{Image credit: Jeff Attaway (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons}

Did you know you can operate on tortoises?

Wikimedia Commons/Adrian PingstoneWhen a tortoise needed surgery after swallowing – coincidentally – a tortoise pendant, I wondered how exactly operations on tortoises can take place, considering that everything is inside a rock hard shell.

Turns out the surgery sounds relatively simple – for a trained veterinarian of course.

Read the full piece that originally appearedon Now! here.

{Image credit: Adrian Pingstone (Taken by Adrian Pingstone) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons}

Keeping readers updated on the Ebola crisis

Wikimedia Commons/CDC

An electron micrograph of a single Ebola virus.

I regularly updated readers of Now! on what was happening with regards to the Ebola epidemic, which swept through certain countries in north-west Africa and caused panic in the West after the first diagnosis in the United States.

Here are links to those updates:

7 November 2014: Ebola Update: Facebook Adds Donation Button (This piece is no longer available online)
29 October 2014: Ebola Update: DEC’s First Appeal for Help (This piece is no longer available online)
24 October 2014: Ebola: Panic in New York (This piece is no longer available online)
22 October 2014: Ebola Update: WHO Fast-Tracks Vaccines, Serums (This piece is no longer available online)
17 October 2014: SA’s Afcon Ebola Concerns Valid
16 October 2014: Ebola: Food Crisis, Supply Shortages at the Fore (This piece is no longer available online)
15 October 2014: Second Ebola Diagnosis Exposes Issues (This piece is no longer available online)
13 October 2014: Panic After New Ebola Case in Dallas
2 October 2014: Ebola Update: The Next Step (This piece is no longer available online)

Here‘s an opinion piece I wrote on the situation.

Breaking down schizophrenia for WMHD

Wikimedia Commons/CometStarMoon

A piece of cloth embroidered by a person suffering from schizophrenia

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October every year with the aim of raising awareness about mental issues and removing the stigma often associated with them.

The focus this year was on schizophrenia, which is an illness that is one of the most highly-stigmatised. It also became the butt of jokes at the end of 2013 when sign language interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjies messed up at former SA president Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. He had claimed his schizophrenia affected his word that day.

In this piece for Now!, I break the disease down and explain how it occurs, giving some interesting facts along the way.

Read the full piece originally on Now! here.

By cometstarmoon [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons