Politicians holding back future tech

E-cigaretteIn a piece for Now!, I considered how politics and those who practice it are holding back certain facets of humankind’s advancement in technology, particularly with regards to South Africa’s energy crisis, underfunding development agencies, limiting e-cigarettes, patenting lifesaving pharmaceuticals, and trading with Asia.

Unfortunately the article is no longer available online.

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Comebacks of 2014



Those darn celebrities, politicians, sports people and otherwise gifted human beings. They won’t be the sleeping dogs who lie! I compiled a list of my top 10 comebacks from 2014, including Khanyi Mbau, Julius Malema, Weird Al Yankovic and Microsoft.

Unfortunately the article is no longer available online.

Profile: Nhlanhla Nene

statue of Queen Victoria

statue of Queen Victoria in front of the Parliament in Cape Town

Soon after President Jacob Zuma announced his Cabinet this year, with Nhlanhla Nene at the head of the Department of Finance, I wrote this piece for HowzitMSN and NoW!


Nhlanhla Nene was appointed South Africa’s new Minister of Finance on May 25, 2014, as President Jacob Zuma assumed his second term as the country’s president and announced his Cabinet on Sunday. The former deputy to now former finance minister Pravin Gordhan is expected to continue his predecessor’s centrist policies as economic forecasts remain bleak.

Read the full piece here. This is a link to the SlideShare version since NoW! has been shut down.

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